Safety. Justice. Healing.

Dawson Place helps provide a safe place for abused kids and their families.

All children deserve to be safe.

1 in 10 children will be victims of sexual abuse before they turn 18. 

Protect Kids. Stop Abuse.

A donation to Dawson Place will help stop child abuse by providing safety, justice, and healing.

5 Agencies. 1 Location.

  • Law enforcement
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Child protective services
  • Medical health
  • Mental health

You can help prevent child abuse.

Dawson Place offers an array of events and workshops. There is something for everyone.

All children deserve safety, justice, and healing.

Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center is a safe place where abused kids and non-offending family members can come for safety, justice, and healing. At one central location victims of child abuse can find:

  • Compassionate people who listen
  • Advocates to help navigate services and be informed
  • Medical and mental health professionals
  • Professional law enforcement support


Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center is a group of professionals responding to concerns of child abuse. We are dedicated to helping kids, seeking justice, and promoting healthy families.


Create a recognized community response for seeking truth, restoring health, and working together to end child abuse.


Dawson Place exists because EVERY child who is the victim of physical abuse, sexual assault, neglect, drug endangerment, or witness to a violent crime deserves the professional care that they need to be safe, to seek justice, and to heal.


Call us today.

Upcoming Events

Dawson Place offers an array of events and workshops. From workshops and trainings to open house and fundraisers. There is something for everyone.

How Can I Help?

Child abuse victims need help and support.  Your donation will help us provide free services that create the safety, justice, and healing these young victims need and deserve. 


What to Expect

Calling or arriving at Dawson Place can be overwhelming. For children, parents, and concerned adults, here is more information about what to expect at Dawson Place.

Read an Inspiring Story of Survival, Justice, and Triumph over Child Sexual Abuse.

Finding Courage – How Two Children Found the Courage to Confront Their Abuser
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Learn how Dawson Place changes the lives of child abuse victims in Snohomish County.

Kids served since 2006

New kids a week

Forensic interviews last year

Medical exams last year


Contact Dawson Place to transform hurt to hope and receive the services you need.


1509 California Street
Everett, WA 98201


Call 425-789-3000
if you have any questions


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