Happy New Year to all the parents out there! Let’s kick off the year with family centered resolutions! Create a healthy relationship and nurturing environment for our children by considering these mindful parenting resolutions for the new year!

1. Foster Healthy Communication with Families  

Communication with your kids should not solely be about their chores or homework. Try to incorporate talks about dreams, fears, and all the random things! Even if your teenager is not up to talk, show engagement through descriptive commenting. Ask your kids what they would like to talk about.

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2. Importance of Education  

Every child deserves time for exploration. Share the importance of education through new hobbies, reading together, or even watching fun documentaries on developmentally appropriate topics.  What are they invested in? Why? Become genuinely invested in their interests and encourage curiousity in a healthy manner.

3. Cultivate Joy

Creating a nurturing home can make a significant difference. Whether it is celebrating small achievements or reminding your kids that you care, make it your mission to cultivate joy. Dive into creating a positive home with a growth mindset.

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4. Promote Healthy Eating 

Healthy eating can look a variety of ways. Perhaps fruits and veggies are being eaten, but there is a fear of gaining weight. Promote eating to fuel the body with nutrients necessary to be their best. Food also impacts moods and emotions so think about how your family fuels their bodies!

Every year brings a new resolution. Some that we break and some that we continue. Let’s make this year’s resolution a family motivation for healthy family relationships with these Mindful Parenting Resolutions for the New Year!

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