Promote Digital Safety in your Youth!

Social media has allowed us to connect with friends and family throughout global pandemics and more! While there are several positive impacts that we can discuss regarding social media, we cannot dismiss the fact that it can be a scary place for our youth.

Detectives are inundated with social media cases, including blackmail, with children and teens. This topic does not only affect a certain economic standpoint, but everyone with access to digital devices. With the amount of usage children and youth need for school, it can be difficult to deny tech in the home. What we can do is promote safe usage of these devices and social media platforms.

As mentioned by SafeWise, exposure to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators are all threats that our youth can face while on the internet. With more than 36% of kids between the ages of 12 and 17 being bullied online at some point. Do you as a parent or caregiver know how to block a bully? With more kids using online chats, whether that is on their video games, social media, or other platforms, it can be important to have conversations with our children about what to do in these situations.

Learn about the apps your child is utilizing. Does it have safety and privacy features that they should have on?

Online predators can play off being a teenager after researching day in and day out about the social circle that a teen is in. A hacker or predator can easily find information on a teen’s family, friends, or community and can use this information to connect with the teen. While this seems like something that might not happen to your teen, it is happening more and more, and it is important to allow for open communication with your teenager about who and what it is they are talking about on their phones.

Be a good role model! Use social media in a positive way. Do not overshare or shame others.

For younger children, it can be easy to come across inappropriate content on social media like TikTok or other platforms. Graphic imagery that may be sexual or violent can pop up on a child’s feed without even being searched for. Focusing on prevention as early as possible to not fall victim to these internet pitfalls can be crucial for our growing generations.

Have you established rules around digital devices?


Prevention is the key and carrying conversations around these topics can be crucial. Learn more by reading tips and tricks as well as taking a free online course around online safety by Monique Burr.

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