Child abuse is a deeply distressing trauma that affect countless community members in Snohomish County and the rest of the country. However, there are several groups, including the LGBTQIA+ community, that faces uniquely challening experiences. Delve into the understanding of why it might feel different for members of this community to speak up if they have been abused.

Understand the Scope: Statistics show that there is a high number of LGBTQIA+ community members that fall victims of abuse. According to the Trevor Project and other national child abuse resources, youth that consider themselves to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community face a significantly higher amount of abuse. Encountering a large range of abuse that includes physical harm due to their identity and more can lead to greater mental health concerns.

Factors Contributing to the Abuse: Discrimination, prejudice, and social stigma remain promiment in parts of the nation and this can put these youth at higher risk of harm. Many LGBTQIA+ youth face rejection from their family and can increase their risk for abuse and neglect.

Lack of Support Systems: As mentioned, many youth are rejected by their family afer coming out or sharing who they are. This can lead them to find themselves in sticky situations. The limited support that some members of this community might face might be a deep sense of isolation, rejection, and more.

Let’s Empower ALL Youth: Although everyone’s beliefs may vary, it is crucial that we come together to keep our youth safe. Help us create a safe place for youth regardless of their identity. Combat child abuse for every child, because no child deserves to be left neglected, disrespected, and harmed.

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