Your voice is powerful and can be used in so many ways to prevent child abuse. If you suspect abuse is happening, speak up and tell someone who can help end the abuse. Call 911 to report abuse to your local law enforcement agency.

You can also continue the conversation about child abuse prevention. Share prevention tips with your coworkers, family, and friends, gather your workplace for a training, host a fundraiser in honor of a local child advocacy center, or share information on child abuse prevention on social media channels.

Read below for more ways you can raise awareness this child abuse prevention month!

Share the knowledge.

Ending child abuse, sexual assault, and neglect starts with you. Not all children will show the same signs of abuse but learning the common signs of child abuse can be the difference in a child’s life. Common signs include unexplained injuries, changes in behavior, reverting to childhood behaviors, changes in eating and sleeping habits, changes in school performance and attendance, lack of personal care and hygiene, risky behaviors, inappropriate sexual behaviors, fear or going home, and extreme behaviors.

Learn more about these signs of abuse

Continue the conversation by attending a workshop or training.

At Dawson Place we offer several trainings to help prevent abuse in our communities. Sign up for one of our trainings or set up a training for your workplace or community group! Our staff offers Darkness to Light – Stewards of Children training that prepare community members with the tools needed to prevent abuse.

Learn more about our trainings and workshops

Use your voice appropriately.

A crucial moment in ending abuse is the moment after a child discloses abuse to you. This moment can be scary and overwhelming for everyone involved, but it is up to all of us to be prepared in the event a child or young person confides in us about their abuse. It is imperative to stay calm, reassure the child you believe them and that the abuse they have experienced is not okay and not their fault. Be sure to take notes about what they share, but don’t ask too many questions. Immediately report the abuse by calling 911 and make sure the child receives the necessary services to end the abuse and heal.

Learn more about what to do when a child discloses abuse

Discuss and develop new parenting skills.

Frustration is a common feeling that comes with parenting along with confusion, anger, and of course moments of joy. Post COVID the world is not what it looked like before and the effects on children are starting to be noticed. Build your toolbox with more skills and approaches when being met with new challenges. Read, learn, and share at a local parenting group or program regardless of how well or how poorly you feel your parenting is going.

Read about our parenting program

Voice your donation.

Share at dinner, on social media, or meetings that you donated to your local child advocacy center. They too can can help continue the support for children, youth, and families that have been victims of abuse. Because of you and your kind donation, advocacy centers like us can continue to provide services at little or no cost.

Donate today!

Spread the word about Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center’s Fair

At the end of April, Dawson Place is hosting a community resource fair otherwise known as our “Super Kids Community Resource Fair!” Join us to learn about your local resources and get a fun face painting! The goal for our fair is to bring families and community members together in order to break the silence. No child or family should go through a difficult time alone. So bring your cape, a smile, and be ready for a great time!

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