Services for Victims and Their Families

At Dawson Place we offer every service needed for victims of child sexual assault, physical abuse, and neglect including evaluation, intervention, treatment, education, investigation, prosecution, and advocacy in partnership with five other agencies.

Dawson Place employs child interview specialists, along with two therapy dogs, to help child victims disclose their trauma. They are specially trained to talk to any child aged 3 to 17 about abuse they have suffered and guide the child through the disclosure process in a way that is legally sound and defensible in court.

We help child abuse victims transform hurt to hope and find safety, justice, and healing.

Dawson Place Facility Dog, Sibella, provides comfort to clients during Forensic Interviews. 

Our Services

Victim Advocacy and Support

Our victim advocates support child victims and families throughout the entire process. They offer emotional support, victims’ rights information, assist in finding resources, and provide help every step of the way. 

Child Forensic Interviews

If a forensic interview of a child ages 3-17 is requested by law enforcement, you will be interviewed by a Child Interview Specialist.  

Medical Examinations

Providence Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse may determine there is a medical need for a forensic evaluation to collect evidence that may be useful in the criminal prosecution of an abuser. The child would be seen by a professional who is trained to conduct sexual assault and physical abuse exams of children.  Our exam rooms are a warm and inviting to give children as much sense of control and calm as possible, during a difficult situation. View our facilities (Link to Tour Video)

Investigation and Prosecution Services

Every service needed to investigate and prosecute a case involving physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect can be found at Dawson Place.  

Mental Health Assessments

Mental Health Assessments are given to all child victims here at Dawson Place. An important part of their healing process is a mental health assessment. Assessments are provided with zero out-of-pockets expenses. 

On-going Therapy

We offer on-going therapy services to all child victims who have come through Dawson Place. Children can continue to see their counselors up to age 22 depending on the needs of the client. We also offer group sessions for families, victims, and individuals. Therapy is provided with zero out-of-pocket expenses.

Information and Referrals

At Dawson Place you can find all the information you need about child advocacy, support, and more. We also give referrals as needed to help child victims and families receive the services they need. For example, Victim Advocates at Dawson Place can help you find other services, such as applying for a restraining order or accessing financial assistance for victims. 

Community Outreach and Education

We educate our community and create awareness for child abuse and neglect. Our outreach team hosts events, engages with schools and local community organizations, and lead educational classes.  


Contact Dawson Place to transform hurt to hope and receive the services you need.


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