The Incredible Years Parenting Program for School Age Children

Caregivers of children age 6 to 12, join us online for our Incredible Years Parenting Program! This FREE program will help you strengthen your parenting skills, promote postive behaviors, reduce inappropriate behaviors, and support your child’s education. For 16-weeks join our professionals as they guide you through hands-on training including group discussion, problem solving, and practice exercises.

Sample Topics:
– Effective Praise and Encouragement
– Social and Emotion Coaching
– Logical and Natural Consequences
– Fostering Good Learning Habits and Routines
– Dealing with Children’s Discouragement

Tuesdays, 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
February 16, 2021 to June 15, 2021

Online! Classes are held virtually. Don’t have internet in your house or access to a tablet/computer? Just let us know and we can help with that!

What Students are Saying:

Pete Aquino – IY Class of 2020 Alumni

I am a father of five children between the ages of ten and seventeen years old. Four of my kids are step-children through marriage. Each child has their own unique personality, temperament, life stressors, and learning styles which has been further complicated by covid-19 quarantines and remote schooling.

Before taking the Incredible Years course my initial perception to parenting was that a “one-size fits all” approach would be sufficient enough to ensure that my kids understood that I loved them, cared for their safety, and was invested in their growth as an individual and student. All I knew about being a parent I learned growing up in a military family where sensitivity, toughness, and discipline was better suited to raising a soldier than an empathetic and emotionally in tuned individual.

The Incredible Years program introduced me to simple and effective ways to build better bonds, trust, and communication with my children. I was reminded that being a great parent comes with a huge responsibility of also being a great role model. I now have the tools, education, and resources available that I can lean on during tough times or challenging situations.

Thank you Incredible Years team as you cannot begin to imagine how much you have helped my family and I!

Cathy Roew and Tracey Sofian – IY Class of 2020 Alumni

The Incredible Years parent training gave our family a tutorial on recognizing what we need to, in ourselves, to become more than a well meaning confused spectator.   This class taught us how to implement what we learned and impact the lesson by being able to share it with one another so we “get” it.  By sharing our combined challenges and experiences we helped each other learn and grow.  Shared stories evolved from challenges to successes.

We are grateful to our guides to this wonderful realm of learning and acceptance and our classmates for being part of this great experience.


For more information, please call Lucinda at 425-349-7959 or email

Incredible Years Parent Training Program for caregivers of children age 3 to 6.

The event is finished.


Feb 16 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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