Supporting your child’s education can be one of the most difficult tasks parents face. From what feels like piles of homework to a lack of interest and understanding from students, it often becomes quite daunting and leaves many parents feeling discouraged. Our Incredible Year’s Parent Training Program discusses how to successfully support your child’s schoolwork, while maintaining a positive experience for both the parent and the child.

Here are 5 tips to better support your child’s education from our Incredible Years program:

  • Model excitement about learning, persistence, and a positive attitude. Your children will take cues from you about how to approach school. Always approach school with positivity to help better your child’s relationship with their education.
  • Recognize your child’s learning styles. Everyone learns differently, as you help your child with school work, take note of what helps them learn and what learning styles are best suited for them.
  • Help your child identify the first step in a project or break it down into smaller steps. Often, one of the most difficult and stressful parts of a project is getting started, help you child understand how to start and outline their projects for success.
  • Sit with your child and do work together. This might mean you are doing homework with them, or maybe you are doing your work by their side. Working together helps create a focused and positive learning environment.
  • Understand the pressure/anxiety your child may feel and approach school with patience and praise. School can be stressful and create anxiety in many students, when helping your child with school work, always come from a place of patience, calm, and encouragement.

Next time you sit down to do school work with your child, take a breath and approach your child’s education with patience and positivity. Try these five tips to better the experience you and your child have with schoolwork.

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