How do you show kindness to yourself? This Friday, November 13th, is World Kindness Day. We often think of this day as a day to show kindness to others, but before you can fully support those around you, you must make sure you are supporting your own mental health. This World Kindness Day, we are inviting you to show some extra kindness to yourself and your mental health.

Here are 5 ways you can show yourself a little extra kindness:

Schedule some time for yourself.

We know this one can be difficult, especially for those balancing work, families, school etc., but scheduling in time to do something you love is so beneficial for your mental health. You could go for a walk, do something that brings you joy, enjoy a long bath, or anything else that gives you some time to focus on you.

Advocate for your own needs.

Many of us spend so much time focused on advocating for the needs of others, that your own needs may get lost in the middle. Take some time to advocate for what you need to feel healthy.

Write yourself a love letter.

Take some time to write a letter to yourself about all your favorite things about yourself.

Nourish or treat yourself.

You could cook your favorite meal at home, take yourself out to your favorite restaurant, or buy/bake your favorite treat.

Surround yourself with people who support you.

This might be your close friends, family, or significant other. Ask yourself who those people are that fill your cup and make you feel safe and supported, then surround yourself with these people when you need it most.

Showing yourself kindness is so important for supporting your mental health. Try approaching kindness with yourself the way you approach kindness with those you care about most. Ask yourself if you are showing the same care for yourself as you do for your family and loved ones.

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