Summer is catching up on us and people are looking to give back to their communities! Here are some fun ways families can volunteer and sprinkle our community with joy and awareness.

1. Attend our community events 

Check out our events page to see what we have going on! This summer you can find us at farmers markets, food banks, and even hosting food trucks right outside of our doors!  

Learn more about child abuse prevention workshops!

2. Craft away!  

Though we only accept new toys with the tags still on them, it does not mean you can’t create hope rocks for the community or create fun window decorations for usWe would love to share your creations on our social media accounts so make sure you them with us!

3. Post, Post, and Post on your social media! 

Share information about our Amazon Wish Lists and tag us! Like and share our posts! Social media is a powerful tool we can use to spread awareness of child abuse. Don’t hesitate to message us on there and participate in our story polls and quizzes! 

4. Host a virtual fundraiser! 

While the pandemic has brought us to a stop to in person fundraisers, you can host one virtually! You can host a virtual fundraiser through various social media platforms, and it doesn’t have to be your birthday to host one! Message us at for more information! 

5. Attend our Hurt to Hope Annual Luncheon in November!  

Check out our events page to register for our Annual Event. We work hard every year to put together this event and tug on all your heart strings! This year is the first virtual version of this event, so we hope you can attend! 

Next time you feel like filling your cup, find something to make a difference. A small amount of effort can bring joy to more people than you think!  

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